How can you keep hackers out of your security cameras?

 Nest and Ring home security systems are now vulnerable to a new type of attack. Hackers are using home security cameras to stage crises, and some have even enlisted the help of the police in a deadly joke known as "swatting." While the motive may be benign, "swatting" can have devastating outcomes. We never want to see a technology meant for security and protection utilized by malevolent individuals, which is why we recommend following these security precautions for your surveillance system.  As well as security camera installation is also a difficult process but you can easily find security camera installation services in Lahore through Uncle Fixer. Let's talk about how to secure from the harm of hacking CCTV cameras.

Your passwords should be changed (right now)

Using credentials stolen from a different data violation is the most common technique for hackers to obtain access to your security system. Over half of internet users say they use the same or a slightly modified version of the same password on different domains. Consider changing your passwords from site to site, making them all unique and difficult to guess. Lowercase, uppercase, a number, and even a special character like an exclamation point are the easiest ways to do this. The more characters and complexity you add to your password, the more difficult it will be to decipher. If you're pursuing the "simple" route, make sure you don't include any identifiable information from the internet or social media in your chosen method. If you are facing maintenance issues you can get home security camera installation services in Lahore at anytime at a reasonable price.

 Create a two-factor authentication system

This step may need some understanding, but two-factor authentication is a terrific extra layer of protection if you can figure it out. When you use two-factor authentication, you must enter a second password that is generated at random each time you log in to your security cameras. While some security companies include two-factor authentication as a standard feature, many do not. When you log in to specific websites, you may have the authentication software send an SMS code to your phone automatically, or you can access randomly generated codes that change every few minutes. Finding the best security camera installation services in Lahore might be difficult sometimes but here at Uncle Fixer, you can get CCTV services in Lahore


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